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On this page you will find useful information for when you are planning your trip. Links to the ferry timetables, information about the different bike routes on the archipelago and much more. We want to help to make your trip as pleasant as possible.

When planning a trip, keep in mind that there might not be a separate biking trail all the way and at some points the bike-trail is only a narrow gravel path. So, it will be a bit difficult to use those with a trolley for example. The further out in the archipelago You get, the more narrow the roads get, so be aware of the traffic, which might be quite intense at times.

Everyman's right

In Finland we have a law on how we can move on other people’s properties and in the nature. Here are some highlights:

Everyman’s rights allow people to:

• move about on foot, ski and bicycle in nature, such as in forests, natural meadows and water bodies,

• ride horses,

• stay in and temporarily overnight in areas where movement is also permitted,

• pick wild berries, mushrooms and unprotected plants,

• angle and ice fish, and

• boat, swim and wash themselves in waters and move about on ice.

Everyman’s rights do not allow people to:

• disturb the use of land by the landowner,

• move about in yards, cultivated areas or cultivated fields,

• cut down or harm growing trees,

• take dry or fallen wood,

• take moss or lichen,

• light an open fire on another’s land,

• disturb domestic premises, for example, by camping too close to dwellings or making noise,

• drop litter in the environment,

• drive a motorised vehicle off-road,

• disturb or damage birds’ nests or chicks,

• disturb animals, or

• hunt or fish without the appropriate permits.

For more information, check: SY_5en_2015.pdf (

This means that it is allowed to bike on all roads, however it is not allowed to use this for marketing purposes or to sell bike trips through someone's property without their permission. So that´s why we can't “recommend” that You use these roads. 😉 But it is a good thing to keep in mind, since there are a lot of nice bike trails, especially alongside the coastal route. They are not marked in any way, but You can see them on maps and it's always nice with a little adventure off the main road…

From Turku to Nauvo there will be a bike trail until the first ferry. On the other side of the ferry there won't be a separate bike trail. In the other direction there will be a bike trail until Naantali.

Many are wondering about the distances and how long to plan for their trip. Yes, You can do the large Archipelago trail even in 1 day, but don't… It's 220km and to make it comfortable and to savour all the small things along the way it is good to take it slow. Remember, it's not about performing. A good biking pace is 25-40 km/day, with maybe 1 day a bit longer. So to get the most of it, plan 5-7 for the longer Archipelago trail and 2-4 days for the short one. Even if You take an e-bike I still suggest that You keep the distances the same. Remember, the electricity is just a support, and doesn´t mean that You should perform more and bike longer distances. Take it slow and enjoy the archipelago. If You want to do a proper trip with some detours or to the Åland islands, You better make it 10 days.

Around Nagu there are some smaller islands that are worth a visit. One of them is Brännskär, it is absolutely fantastic and they offer a lot of activities for all ages. Check it out on

Around Korpo You can also find many interesting small islands. There is a ferry called Fiskö that is free and that operates among the small islands in the vicinity of Korpo. You can find more information at Another island is Norrskata which is a free 20 minute ferry ride away, it is off the main trail, a beautiful island and seldom visited by tourists.

From Korpo You could easily make a day trip or an overnight trip to Kökar, which is the most southern municipality in Finland and belongs to the Åland islands. It is only 2 hours away and free for passengers, but for a bike they charge 6€. If You go there You will find that You could easily spend 2 days there and maybe enjoy a waterbus trip to the famous island called Källskär.

There is also the possibility to get taxiboats almost everywhere in the archipelago.

When people have been biking the longer Archipelago trail they have tended to like Houtskär and Iniö the most, probably because they are the “smallest” communities and therefore the most authentic ones too. Other islands that fall into the same category but in a slightly different way would be Kökar and Brändö.

Another interesting place along the route is the island Seili/Själö. It use to be a mental asylum and has a really tragic but interersting history, and definitely worth a visit. There are a couple of ferries going to Seili and You´ll find more info further down.

When biking between Kustavi and Turku, You might want to stop over in Naantali to visit the Moomin-world or just to have a great dinner in a busy summer-city. The nicer way between Kustavi and Naantali is definitely to take the ferry between Hakkenpää and Velkua, instead of biking the northern way alongside the cars.

You will find Restaurants, shops, toilets and resting areas along the way(within 20km) from each other, usually more frequent.

We strongly recommend you to download their mobile app.
Click here to go to their webpage is a timetable service that covers the ferries in Finland, offered by the Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment in Southwest Finland. On the site one can also plan a trip to the popular Archipelago Trail near Turku.
Click here to go to their webpage

Finding the right timetables and all possible routes might seem like quite a jungle, especially when You find both Swedish and Finnish names for the places. So here are some tips










Kaarina-St. Karins







Jokamiehen oikeus – Allemansrätt – Every mans right

Pargas-Nauvo (12min) and Nauvo-Korpo (5min)

These ferries are operating at all times. From early morning to late evening usually every 15 minutes. During the night, once an hour and they are free of charge.

Timetables at

Korpo-Houtskär (30min) and Korpo-Norrskata (20min)

These ferries are also free of charge and operate about 15 times a day, but not at night.

Timetables at

Ferries on Houtskär

There are several ferries operating between the islands of Houtskär and they are free of charge and operate when needed or upon call (there is usually a button down at the harbour) with some 30 minute breaks every now and then. It is just a couple of minutes to reach the other side.

Houtskär-Iniö (1hour, m/s Antonia)

The ferry between Houtskär(Mossala) and Iniö(Dalen) operates 4 times a day during June, July and August. In September it operates only at weekends. At other times it is not operating. On this ferry there will be a fee of 10€/adult, 5€/child and 12€/bike

Timetables at

Ferries on Iniö

There are several ferries operating between the islands of Iniö and they are free of charge and operate when needed or upon call (there is usually a button down at the harbour) with some 30 minute brakes every now and then. It is just a couple of minutes to reach the other side.

Iniö-Kustavi (30min, m/s Aurora)

m/s Aurora is also free of charge and operates about 10 times/day, depending on the day of the week.

Timetables at


This ferry is free of charge, but operates only twice a day, once in the morning and once in the afternoon. But it is much nicer and a bit shorter to travel this way with this ferry, instead of taking “the northern” route between Naantali and Kustavi. The roads are smaller and more quiet and idyllic.

Timetables at

Turku-Seili-Nauvo (m/s Norrskär) 8.5-19.9

There is a ferry going from Turku to Nauvo, via Seili. This one leaves in the morning from Turku and returns in the afternoon. In between that it operates an additional time between Seili and Nauvo and Seili and Röölä (Röölä is a part of the small archipelago route).

Timetables and prices at

Hanka-Seili-Nauvo (m/s Östern) 14.5 29.8

On the small archipelago route You can take this ferry and it runs 3 times/day both ways.

Timetables and prices at

Other options

If You would like to visit some other small islands there is a company called Ferentes Oy, that operates to other islands. I.e. they have a service between Brändö (Torsholma) and Houtskär, that way You could modify Your archipelago trip a bit and explore something different. But keep in mind that these are smaller ships, so they won't operate if it is too windy.

For routes, prices and timetables, check

You can even check out there You will also find some ferry operators and timetables

Åland islands

This a very good option any time of the year. You can do this all year around. Both from Korpo and from Kustavi You can get to the small islands of Åland and all the way to Mariehamn. These routes are operated by Ålandstrafiken.

Check it out on

Another option for getting to and from the Åland isalnds are the big passenger ships. You could do one way with the small ferries and the other with these ones.

More info about these on and

If You wish to have a customized trip or to buy a package with everything included, we'll be happy to help You. Just send us a message or contact us on Go Archipelago is a small travel company that cares both for You and the environment as well as for the small entrepreneurs out in the archipelago. For more info, check

The Coastal Route has a very good site with all the information needed

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