If You don't want to carry all Your luggage on the rack, we can do the luggage transfer for You. Here You find the prices and schedule for luggage transfer along the Archipelago Route. For other routes please send us message.
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All luggage transfers are to be booked at least 1 week in advance.
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Every dayTurkuNaantaliTurku
RoutePriceWeek daysRoutePriceWeek days
Turku – Naantali10€AllTurku/Naantali – Korppoo35€Tue-Sat
Turku/Naantali – Merimasku20€Mon-WedKustavi – Korppoo70€Tue-Wed
Turku/Naantali – Vaihela30€Mon-WedParainen – Nauvo15€Tue-Sat
Turku/Naantali – Kustavi35€Mon-WedNauvo – Korppoo15€Tue-Sat
Turku/Naantali – Spauna45€Mon-WedParainen – Korppoo25€Tue-Sat
Vaihela/Merimasku – Kustavi35€Mon-WedKustavi – Hyppeis85€Tue-Wed
Turku/Naantali – Parainen15€Tue-SatHyppeis – Korppoo20€Tue-Sat
Turku/Naantali – Nauvo25€Tue-SatHyppeis – Nauvo35€Tue-Sat

Sup board rental

At some rental points we also have SUP-Boards. You can book these online as well.
The price for the boards are 22€ for the first hour and 8€ for an additional hour. The fee for the whole day is 70€.

You´ll find the SUP-boards at the following places:

Spauna, Kustavi 
Lootholma, Kustavi 
Peterzens Boathouse, Kustavi 
Skärgårdscentrum Korpoström, Korpo
Nagu Kayak Rental, Nagu

Double Kajak rental

We also have an Double Kayak that are situated at Nagu Kayak Rental in Nagu Guestharbour. 

For longer rentals we can transport it for You to any location. For prices and availability, check out Nagu Kayak Rental.

Bike maintenance

We also provide bike maintenance. Please contact us for service.

customized trips

For tailored or customized trips or for other activities contact us at

get in touch

Should you wish to rent or have any questions, just send us a message.

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August 16th - September 16th
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