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carfield: bike rental since 1994

Carfield was founded 1994 by Seppo Karvinen. At first it started with both cars and bicycles, but the last decade it has only been a bicycle rental. In May 2018 I, Frank Tuominen bought the company and Seppo got a well-earned retirement.
As Seppo's surname is Karvinen, which also happens to be the Finnish name for Garfield, it was not that far fetched to give the name Carfield to a company which at the time rented cars. Out of respect for Seppo's legacy I kept the name the same.
Frank Tuominen Carfield Bike Rental Owner
My name is Frank Tuominen. I worked in the restaurant business for almost 2 decades until I had enough. After that I decided it was time to do something completely different with my life, and by chance I got the opportunity to buy the bike rental company Carfield, which I did. I put great value in nature and ecological lifestyle, so it was a good choice. The archipelago is near to my heart, and in order to keep it alive, I believe that we have to concentrate more on co-operation rather than competing with each other.

In the wintertime, besides maintaining the bikes, I do some renovating and construction work. To keep everything in balance I enjoy the solitude that the archipelago brings. This has helped me to be more conscious of myself and more in touch with the creation. And to share this, I also do some Energy treatments and healings.
Value Nature and helping others.

As I believe that that our contact to the nature is a bit lost, but of great importance for our health and wellbeing, this has given me the opportunity to provide people an ecological way to travel and to get in touch with the nature and themselves. I do get energy from helping people, so I am more than happy to help my customers to plan their trips and give them some tips for their holiday.

(keep in mind, that a regular bike is more ecological than an e-bike, and You won´t get the same amount of exercise when using an e-bike)

We also provide free luggage storage. Luggage transportation and roadside service is also possible to some extent.
You can find over 30 Carfield rental points throughout the archipelago in Southern Finland. They are B&B providers, Guestharbours, Tourist offices etc. that we work with and who are re-renting Carfields bikes. One can rent a bike at any location and return it to another. Rentals for larger groups and transport of greater amount of bikes are also possible.

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