Bike tours


Guided bike tours in the Finnish archipelago are arranged by our cooperation partner Veranatura (click the logo):



Annually approximately 300-500 travellers join our trips to the Archipelago Trail and the archipelago of Åland Islands. Brändö-Åva- Maarianhamina and return to Turku with a cruise ship crowns the trip.

Companies are arranging bicycling trips for health days. A few examples of these trips:

  • Sales meeting: 25 participants on the trip Kustavi- Brändö- Åva- Maarianhamina and return by boat to Turku. Duration 3 days and much more efficient than a cabinet of a hotel.
  • Large central bank and their sports department: 20 participants from different countries on the Archipelago Trail for 3 days. The participants were amazed of the archipelago nature and the arrangements of the trip.
  • 6 participants on a trip from Turku to Rovaniemi and a train back to Turku.
  • 2 participants on a trip from Turku to the shore of Arctic Ocean and a train bacj to Turku. Experiences, nature and also images of Finland to foreigners.